We are a small family farm in the central valley of California. Since we bought the property in 2017, we’ve been gradually turning this fixer upper 2 1/2 acres in Merced into the crazy and amazing place that we now call home. There’s still much work to be done – we have a lot of dreams for this space! So far we’ve remodeled a home (well actually it’s still a work in progress!), we turned a barn into another home, we added a brand new third home, and we’re filling it all with three generations of family (which includes a bunch of kids!) and some furry and feathered friends.

Three years ago we began fulfilling our dream of covering the back acre with fields of beautiful flowers. We’ve been working hard, learning a lot, and having a lot of fun. We want our flowers to bring joy into the lives of others like they do ours.

This Summer our fields have been empty as we’re moving their location on the property. We’ve really missed the flowers, but we’re looking forward to  seeing them blooming again in Spring of 2024!

We invite you to follow our journey while we learn as we grow! 

  Much Love,




Meet the owners:

Mary Gudgel
Bernice Gudgel
Prepping the fields – March 2020
And we have flowers! – July 2020